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Red Vines Mixed Bites 16oz Laydown Bag 12 Ct Case Pk

Red Vines Mixed Bites 16oz Laydown Bag 12 Ct Case Pk

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  • Red Vines Mixed Bites is combination of Red and Black old fashioned bites in one bag.
  • Comes in a 12ct open stock case, great for convenience stores, mini-marts, travel centers, drug stores, and nostalgic candy sets.

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    • Old fashioned licorice lovers will want to stock up on bags of this delectable mix of Red Vines  red & black licorice bites
    • These bites have a soft & chewy texture and are full of flavor, made with the same ingredients as our long licorice twists
    • Red Vines  Mixed Bites are a timeless candy that is always fat free, and will remind you of the licorice you grew up with
    • These delicious red and black licorice bites will always satisfy sweet cravings, but be careful€¦ they can be addicting!

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