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Red Vines California Collection Display Case 6 Ct Case Pk

Red Vines California Collection Display Case 6 Ct Case Pk

Item Weight: 11.15 lb | Item Number: #10210
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  • Red Vines California Collection is 26oz of assorted Red Vines pieces all in one resealable bag. 
  • This item comes in a display ready case, ready to place on shelf. 
  • The 26oz bag is great for convenience stores, travel centers, mini-marts, drug stores, and nostalgic candy sets.

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  • Description
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    • Red Vines  California Collection contains 7 red and black licorice pieces that highlight the rich history of Red Vines  candy
    • Red Vines  black uses licorice extract & anise flavor derived from the licorice plant, and the Original Red flavor is used in all red licorice pieces
    • Each 26oz bag contains Original Red & black licorice twists, red bars, black & red bites, Super Ropes  and super strings 
    • The California Collection variety pack offers something for everyone to enjoy, whether at home or the office