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Red Vines Black Licorice Twists 16oz Laydown Bag 12 Ct Case Pk

Red Vines Black Licorice Twists 16oz Laydown Bag 12 Ct Case Pk

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  • Red Vines Black Licorice in a 16oz Laydown Resealable Bag.  This comes in an open stock case, ready to place on shelf and sellable in your store. 
  • The 16oz bag is great for convenience stores, travel centers, mini-marts, drug stores, and nostalgic candy sets. 
  • Red Vines skew towards the 30 and over age, but kids also enjoy the flavor. 

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    • Nostalgic candy lovers will enjoy classic Red Vines  Black Licorice, sweet candy twists to share with the ones you love
    • These delicious soft and chewy twists are made with the original recipe, using licorice extract and anise licorice flavor
    • Red Vines  old fashioned licorice candy has been a favorite for generations, and is always fat free and Kosher
    • Celebrate life's sweet moments one portion at a time. The resealable bag is built to keep your black licorice fresh