Peace, Love & Vines: Life is best when it's shared

What is Peace, Love & Vines?

Peace, Love & Vines is our way of spreading peace and love by encouraging people to share acts of kindness with others. Red Vines® candy has always brought people together to share life’s sweetest moments.

Sharing is a natural extension of what people do with Red Vines candy, and we encourage you to pay it forward by sharing an act of kindness with someone else. We strongly believe that, like Red Vines candy, life is best when shared.

A Rich History - Over 100 years of celebrating and crafting artisan candy twists, made just for you!

Since 1914

Red Vines® candy has been an essential part of celebrating life’s sweetest moments. We pride ourselves in using artisanal techniques that have been passed down through five generations. Made using a small batch process, Red Vines® candy has a rich heritage built on our dedication to consistent quality and exceptional flavor. Our focus is to deliver you fresh and fat-free Red Vines® candy every time, all the time.